7 video games that can turn you in to an addict

Video Games, whats the worst thing that can happen when you just stick around with your gamepad to blow off steam or to pass time. Some games can actually make you an addict rather than entertain. Actually they were made to bind your senses and let the world fall behind it. Here are some games you should be aware of or you will end up getting addicted.

7) Age of Empires


This game will be your life if you are into strategy games. This game enables you to play the role of a leader where your every actions will influence the fate of your kingdom or colony. Building armory, training soldiers, with standing difficult times, defending the empire and going for a conquest makes this one very unique. Everything this game had will push the gamers to think harder and makes them come back.

6) World of Warcraft


WOW ( World of Warcraft) is a massive multiplayer online role playing game with over 10 million players. This game allows you to control an avatar exploring the landscape, fighting monsters and completing quests and lots more to get you addicted in this world.

5) Counter Strike


This was the first person shooter video game ever developed and had undergone several stages of evolution to have almost 10 million players all around the globe. The role of the gamer is to indulge in a gun fight eliminate the opposition team or achieving the objectives. No wonder people going crazy about this game.

4) Minecraft 

If you think that addictive games will be visually breathtaking well here is one of the exception. This game gained unexceptional popularity among the adults and children after being introduced. Every gamers will enjoy building structures, fighting skeletons and of course mining gold, diamonds and other minerals. This game will make you say “Let me play this game until i mine some more diamonds” for the whole day.

3) Sims 


This is one of the fascinating game where we can create our own character and members of the family. Building house, doing daily routines, going for the job, getting married and lots more. Honestly this game will take you to a virtual world where you can do what you desire and offer you a real life experience.

2)  Call of Duty 


Every body loves super cool commando operations and that’s the secret formula for this hardcore game. All the games in this series might carry the same sort of timeline but its good enough to make you comeback and play this over and over again. Also online multiplayer feature lets thousands of players logged in to the network and gets in to real action.


1) Grand Theft Auto V


I bet you all would have guessed this game will surely grab a spot in this list. Every piece of this game were designed in a way to addict you. Story line, graphics, Gun fights, robberies, doing your will and living life of a ruthless gangster life ,what else i can say? this game is simply awesome.

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