10 absolutely weird sports around the world

We all might be an super crazy fan to some of the sport such as baseball,Football, Cricket and so an so. But do you all know that there exists some weird sports which is super crazy itself and will leave you exclaimed “What the heck”. I have compiled a list of 10 most weird and crazy sports around the world, so get ready to be exclaimed.

10) Ice Hockey


Well that’s art good start for the list of crazy sport ain’t it? Underwater Hockey also known as Octopush is played underwater where the opponents with tiny stick try pushing a puck into the opponents team goal. Wonder how the spectators get a glimpse of the action going inside the water? Well some arenas provide large screen to provide the action while in some other arenas spectators might want to enter the pool wearing snorkel and fins to view the action yet any craziness in the game.

9) Blind Football


“Blind Soccer” yeah you heard it right soccer also played by the ones who are visually impaired. All the participants are legally blind except the goal keepers. The players are guided by the pebbles in the soccer ball. Each team consists of five players including the goal keeper while each team can use a guide who will be positioned off the field of play area. 

8) Bog Snorkel Racing


This sporting event consists of competitors must complete two lengths of a water filled trench cut through peat bog. The competitor must fear flip flops and snorkels to perform this task where conventional swimming strokes are not allowed. This sporting event was conducted every year in the month of August in Powys, Wales. Recently new events such as Mountain Bike Snorkeling and Bog Triathon also added along with it.


7) Chess Boxing


I guess this sport might have given birth to the term “Brain and Brawn”. This sport comprises of play alternate rounds of Chess and Boxing where the players strength and intellectual skills is also tested. Surprisingly this game is quite famous all over the world even governed and assigned rules by a common body. 

6) Bossaball


Don’t freak out by seeing the pic they were just playing one of the craziest sport in our list. This sport is similar volley ball but ball must be handled once using our hand. Rest of the turns a player should mix the skills of Soccer and gymnastics. Each team consists of 5 players and only the attacker is given the trampoline to bounce himself to spike or play the ball in the opposition’s land.


5) Mountain Unicycling


If you think that driving a Unicycle in a flat road is difficult then what will you say about the idea of driving a Unicycle in the course of a mountain trekking?  This is an extreme adventure sport that requires traversing rough terrains on a unicycle. However the Unicycles used differs from the normal ones since it comes equipped with knobbly tires, high grip pedals, rugged frames and disc brakes. But all these arrangement won’t change this from being one of the crazy and dangerous sport.


4) Wife Carrying


This weird competition was held annually in Finland where the men should take their wife and run through a course track with several obstacles in the path. The course comprises of mud swamps, giant logs, steepy terrains etc. Interestingly the winner of this competition carries beer equivalent to the weight of winner’s wife quite a great award isn’t it?


3) Cooper’s hill Cheese Rolling and wake


Yeah you need to chase a cheese down the hill. This is an annual event held at Cooper’s hill near Gloucester in England. From the top of the hill a 9lb round Double Gloucester cheese is rolled and the person who reaches the finish line at the bottom of the hill wins. Technically it was a mad hill race and injuries are very common.


2) Lingerie Football


Founded as Lingerie Football later it was rebranded as Legends Football league where Glamourous divas play ruthless football. This game is similar to other football leagues where the players in lingerie equipped with knee pads, performance wear and ice hockey style helmets.


1) Extreme Ironing


If somebody asks what is insanity just show them this picture since it explains that term better than we do. Well this one is also a sport where the players take ironing boards to extreme locations and cloths to iron. According to Ironing Bureau extreme ironing EI is “the latest danger sport that combines the thrill of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt”. This game can be played by an individual or as group based on the insanest ironing idea.

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