5 evidences that proves biblical events

Biblical events and the characters in it are often considered as myths by scholars, atheists and critics. But Archaeology conveys a different story , in fact several excavations and findings have been uncovered which provides a new source of information about the existence of biblical events and characters. Here are five evidences which will prove that bible is not a myth.

Evidences for Biblical Events:


1) Noah’a Ark:


In 1959 a Turkish Airline Pilot took photos of a boat shaped structure on the top of mountain Ararat for the geodetic institute of turkey. The boat measures approximately 300 cubits which is stated as the length of Noah’s ark in the book of Genesis 6:15

This is how you are to build it: The ark is to be three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide and thirty cubits high.

However the width of the boat was greater than the size specified in the bible which might have been due to natural expansion over the period of years. Also it rests on the mountain Arafat which matches the biblical account in the book of Genesis 8:4

In the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat.

Scientific examination on the boat found an organic fossilized antler, extinct rodent hair, fossilized animal droppings and human hair inside the boat which makes this case even stronger. The Turkish government has officially dedicated the site as national park declaring it to be the remains of Noah’s ark. Read the entire Documentation of Noah Ark.


2) Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ is considered as a mythical figure by many scholars since the lack of authentic evidence from secular sources. Even though many evidences surfaced about the existence of Jesus none of them seems to be authentic except one.  Flavius Josephus a Jewish Historian  sheds light by referring Jesus twice in his writings. Jesus was referred as half brother of “James the Just”and also as a intellectual man and great teacher.Read detailed description of  his references about Jesus.


3) Dead Sea Scrolls


 In 1947 Bedouin shepherd named Mohammad went searching for his lost goat instead he find several sealed jars which contains leather scrolls which was written in ancient Hebrew language. Several dating techniques were used to identify the period of the scroll and Archaeologists came to the conclusion that the scrolls might have been dated between 3rd Century B.C to 1st Century AD. Mass excavation of these caves were conducted which led to the discovery of 1,100 ancient and 100,000 fragments.

The Prophesies on the birth of Christ were made centuries before Christ was born and the writings, events of these scrolls holds the evidence that the old testament canon was completed by 450 B.C . Read more about Dead sea scrolls.


4) Discovery of Sodom and Gomorrah:


We all knew the city of Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by the god to punish them for their wicked deeds. These five cities also known as the city of plain was covered by millions of Bristone balls ( Composed of 96 – 98% of sulfur in it) embedded in an ashen area near the dead sea. The destruction of this city was marked in the bible in the book of Genesis 19:24

Then the Lord rained brimstone and fire on Sodom and Gomorrah, from the Lord out of the heavens

Read complete documentation of this event.


5) House of David Inscription:


During an excavation conducted  by Dr. Avraham Biran at Tel Dan in July 21 , 1993 crew workers found a broken fragment of basalt stone with inscriptions on it. This was a fragment of large monumental inscription which measures about 32 cm high and 22 cm width. Later the inscriptions turns out to be mentioning King David’s dynasty “the house of david” . Later two additional fragments were recovered  in separate locations. The partially reconstructed text reads as follows.

1.[ … …] and cut [ … ]
2. [ … ] my father went up [against him when] he fought at [ … ]
3. And my father lay down, he went to his [ancestors]. And the king of I [s-]
4. rael entered previously in my father’s land. [And] Hadad made me king.
5. And Hadad went in front of me, [and] I departed from [the] seven [ …-]
6. s of my kingdom, and I slew [seve]nty kin[gs], who harnessed thou[sands of cha-]
7. Riots and thousands of horsemen (or: horses). [I killed Jeho]ram son of [Ahab]
8. king of Israel, and [I] killed [Ahaz]iahu son of [Jehoram kin-]
9. g of the House of David. And I set [their towns into ruins and turned]
10. their land into [desolation … ]
11. other [ … and Jehu ru-]
12. led over Is[rael … and I laid ]
13. siege upon [ … ] [6]

This inscription mentions conflict with the Kings of Israel and the “House of David”. Thus this discovery provides an archaeological connection to the biblical references to the ruling dynasty established by the King David approximately two centuries before the events mentioned in the inscription. Read in detail about House of David Inscription.

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