10 lessons you can learn from Batman

Lessons from our life are the things which makes us who we are in the mere future. One can learn from it or get buried underneath it. We often see movies about real life people who sometimes turns out to be an inspiration to you. But it’s not just the real life people sometimes fictional characters can teach some valuable lessons in our life as well. Here are the 10 lessons you can learn from Batman.


1) ¬†“Why Do we fall? So we can Learn and Pick Ourselves up”



Talking a fall in our life will teach you to pick yourselves up and stop relying on others. We have to learn from the mistakes which led you to fall and learn from it and avoid it in the future.


2) “Training is Nothing, Will is everything”


Even though we have hours and hours of training, the will to act you brings the most of you. And that Will power drives to push your limits and obtain new heights.

3) Being just Rich isn’t enough


Being rich never makes your life complete. Imagine a life without parents, friends , companion and so . Never miss out these great possessions in your life in the quest of getting rich.


4) “Look beyond your own pain”


Sometimes we are blinded by the pain we experienced in our life and fails to understand the situation others are in to. Putting ourselves in the boots of others will certainly help to understand things better and help us to act wisely.


5)  Madness is like gravity all it takes is little push


Our senses will be shadowed when we are mad and we will be vulnerable to be provoked. We might end up doing something bad but the moment you realize it will be late.


6) “Conquer your fear”


Everyone has to overcome their fear that confines them from achieving great heights. One with fear in their heart can never explore and attain success in their life.


7) No matter how many times fell, get up and make the climb.


No matter failures storm in your life never stop working towards your goal. Even though you fall deeper just make the climb and one day you will reach the top.


8) Be you no matter what the society thinks


Your society,friends may mock and call you a fool for who you are. Never ever change your character because nobody can play your role better in this universe.

9) Never give up on the ones you love


You should never give upon the ones you love no matter the circumstances. We have to accompany them in their lows and highs


10) “It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do defines you”


We all will be known by our names but remembered by our actions. No matter how rich or pleasing you look its our actions that make us stand out in our life. Always remember “Action speaks louder than words”.

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