10 biggest movie flops of all time

Movies, we all love that. But not all movies live up to the expectation of audiences and this is where the movie ends up in a disaster. We might have experienced the scenario in which a certain movie had a great hype but turns out to be a utter flop later. Here is the list of some greatest movie flops which faced a serious loss and eventually ends up in a total disaster.


10) Heaven’s Gate


Release year: 1980

Total Loss : $120 Million

9) Town and Country 


Release year : 2002

Total Loss : $122 Million

8) Sahara 


Release year: 2005

Total Loss : $122.7 Million


7) Fall of Roman Empire


Release year: 1964

Total Loss : $126 Million


6) The adventures of Pluto Nash


Release year: 2002

Total Loss : $126 Million


5) The Final Fantasy : The spirits within


Release year: 2001

Total Loss : $136 Million


4) Mars needs mom


Release year: 2011

Total Loss : $137 Million


3) Cutthroat island


Release year: 1995

Total Loss : $137 Million


2) 47 Ronin


Release year: 2013

Total Loss : $152 Million


1) 13th Warrior 


Release year: 1999

Total Loss : $183 Million


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