7 Spooky Facts About Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner so its time pick our costume and try scaring each other Boo! Halloween is all about fun with insane costumes, make ups, candies and much more. Alongside you should also know the spooky facts about Halloween.


1) Samhain Festival

Halloween (Hallow’s Evening) originates from Samhain, a Celtic festival of the dead. Samhain became the Halloween later when christian missionaries attempted to change the religious practices of Celtic people.

2) Halloween Costume

The Celts believed that at the time of Samhain( Halloween) the boundaries between the world of living and dead were thin and it allows the dead to enter the earth. To avoid being recognized as humans people disguise themselves as ghost by wearing masks and costumes, there comes the crazy Halloween costume tradition.

3) Trick or Treat

There was also a superstition that the ghosts knock on the door asking for money or food on the night of Samhain. Denying may result in angering the spirit which could curse or haunt the living. And this ¬†turned out to be a tradition where children go out to “Trick or Treat”.

4) Jack-o’-lanterns

The practice of Jack-o’-lanterns comes from an Irish myth about a man called “Stingy Jack” who tricked the devil himself. As a result both heaven and hell wouldn’t accept him after his death. Stuck in the middle Jack made a lantern from turnip and a burning coal that devil tossed him from hell to guide his way.

5) Turnips

Jack-o’-lanterns were originally made using a turnip but when famine struck the Irish they were forced to flee to North America where turnips are hard to find and therefore pumpkins were used as a substitute.

6) Bats

Bats also comes from the traditional Samhain festival where the Irish would often ignite bonfires to scare the evil spirits away. This attract insects to the area which in turn attracted bats which soon became associated with the festival.

7) Halloween colors

The Halloween colors Orange and Black came from the season it took place in. Orange associated with the Fall whereas Black represents death of summer that is the darkness.

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