20 Websites to kill time in office

Ever wondered what to do when your boss doesn’t load something in your back. Here is amazing 20 websites to kill time in office unless you didn’t get caught. Just kidding, let’s kill some time.


20) FlashbyNight

Collection of addictive online games to pin your fingers to keyboard.

19) Uselessweb

Generates a collection of funny and useless websites.

18) Lifehacker 

Collection of random articles from several niches.

17) Addictivetips

Tips to get better with your gadgets.

16) 500px

Home of wonderful photos to surf and discover.

15) Duolingo 

Learn a new language at your own time

14) 8Facts 

Discover tons of facts and get smarter.

13) Listverse

Cool and interesting list collection.

12) Funtrivia

Great place for trivia and quizzes.

11) List25

Everything list comes with 25 elements.

10) Cracked

Collection of random interesting articles.

9) Stumbleupon 

Collection of world’s best articles, select your favorite topic and this site does the rest.

8) Reddit

Collection of best articles in web.

7) Flickr

Collection of best photographs to surf and discover.

6) Akinator

A web based “Find the celebrity game”.

5) Comic Strip generator 

Unleash your imagination to make comic strips.

4) GeoGuesser 

Yeah you guessed it, a web based game to guess the place shown in the image.

3) Fmylife

Funny and interesting site where people submit anonymous worst case scenarios happened in their life. Great site to butcher time.

2) Awkward family Photos

You will definitely burst into laughter

1) WeaveSilk 

Turn your mouse movements into stunning graphic image.

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