10 Worst Shipwrecks of all time

Titanic is the first thing comes to our mind when talking about maritime disasters. But do you know there are many worse disasters than the RMS Titanic which you probably never heard of. This list brings you the 10 worst shipwrecks ever occurred in the history of the world.

10) MS Estonia

MS Estonia was a cruise ferry build in German Shipyard at 1980. The ship sank in 28th September 1994 in the Baltic sea costing about 851 lives. The clear reason of the sinking still remains unknown while the reports pointed out that bad weather and improper distribution of the loads caused this calamity.

9) USS Indianapolis

USS Indianapolis was Portland class heavy cruiser of the United States Navy. This ship has a great significance in the US Naval history after delivering parts for the first Atom Bomb to US Air based at Tinian. In 30 July, 1945 this ship was torpedoed by the imperial Japanese Navy submarine which lead to death of about 800 peoples on board.

8) RMS Lusitania

RMS Lusitannia was a Ocean liner which was sunk in 7th May 1915 during the first world war. During this time Germany adapted submarine warfare against the British and Ireland. The ship was torpedoed by a German Sub marine resulting in the death of about 1,198 people on board. This event triggered the America’s entry into the World War I.

7) Empress of Ireland

RMS Empress of Ireland was an Ocean liner built in Scotland and commissioned by Canadian Pacific Steamships. The sinking of this liner took place following a collision with a Norwegian ship on 29 May 1914. The death counts 1,012  out of the 1,477 persons on board and considered to be the worst maritime disaster in Maritime History.

6) RMS Titanic

Sinking of RMS Titanic is the well known marine disaster of all time. This ship went down in to the Atlantic Ocean in 15th April 1912 during its maiden journey from Southampton to New York. Titanic met its fate after a glancing blow from a huge iceberg which managed to open five of her sixteen compartments to the sea. According to the reports there were about 2224 people on board while 1,500 went into the sea with that ship. 

5)   SS Mont-Blanc

The SS Mont Blanc was a freighter ship built in England in the year 1899 and later purchased by the french company. This tragic sinking event was also associated with a huge blast which leveled Richmond District. In December 6, 1917 when Mont- Blanc entered Halifax harbor with a full cargo of highly volatile explosives and collided with a Norwegian ship which in tun ignited the whole ship. The resultant Halifax explosion killed almost 2000 people and also caused a catastrophic damage to the district.

4) MV Le Joola

MV Le Joola was a Senegalese government owned ferry which capsized in September 26,2002 off the coast of Gambia. The sinking of Le Joola killed almost 4,000 people on board leaving out 64 survivors. Many factors such as rough sea, negligence, overcrowding led to capsizing of this monstrous ship and claimed thousands of lives.

3) RMS Lancastria

RMS Lancastria was a British Cunard Liner commandeered by the UK government during World War II. It was sunk on 17 June 1940 off the french port of St. Nazaire while taking part in evac operation. Air raid by the German Airplanes made contact with three direct hits to ship leaving the ship in a wrecked state. Over 4,000 people went into the sea with this ship and while many others choked to death by the leaked oil from the ship.

2) MV Dona Paz

MV Dona Paz was a Phillippines Passenger ferry launched in 25 April 1963. In December 20, 1987 Dona Pez set course from Leyte Island to the Capital of Phillipine Manila. On its way the ship went on to collide with MT Vector an oil tanker which carries 8,800 barrels of gasoline and other petroleum products. Following collision Vector’s Cargo ignited and caused the fire to spread onto the Dona Paz. This incident resulted in 4,386 people which was certainly one of the biggest worst shipwrecks in the world.

1) MV Wilhelm Gustloff

MV Wilhelm Gustloff was a German Military ship launched in 5 May 1937. This ship was sunk on 30 January 1945 while during an evacuation operation by a Soviet submarine in the Baltic sea. Almost 9,400 people in this ship were killed during this disaster which makes it the largest loss of life in the maritime history and stands top in the list of worst shipwrecks in history.
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