9 terrifying unsolved murder mysteries to shook you

There is no scarcity for bone chilling crimes in our history. But some of them stands out from the rest by being terrific and left unsolved as well. This list brings some of the terrific murder mysteries from the hands of serial killers which were unsolved till date.


9)Monster of Florence:

Between 1968 to 1985 a monster went on a rampage shooting 16 people down in Florence, Italy. In some cases the killer went on to mutilate genitals of the female victims. Over one hundred thousand suspects were arrested and questioned during the investigation but none proved to be guilty. Even some of them were convicted but later released after the killer gunned down another victim.

8)Bone Collector: 

In February 2009 a women find human bones in west mesa Mexico while walking her dog. Later the officials send in excavation team to sweep the area which reveals human remains of 11 female prostitutes. It was later found that a serial killer used the place as a dumping ground after killing them later this gives raise to the nick name “Bone collector”. Even after serious investigation no DNA, weapons or evidences surfaced and the case still remains unsolved.(Read More)


7)Hinterkaifeck murder:

In the night of March 31,1922 six residents of Andreas family in Hinterkaifeck, a small farmstead in Germany were brutally murdered using a Mattock. Six months earlier maid of that family left the house claiming it was haunted. And few days before this murder Andreas told his neighbors that there were strange footsteps leading into his house but not leaving back. Experts claimed that the killer lured one by one into the barn and then slaughtered there before going after the new maid and his young son Joseph. More than 200 suspects were questioned but none convicted.(Read More)



6)Moonlight Murders: 

In the month of January and February 1946 a mysterious killer known as phantom killer shot 10 people out of which 5 survived. Urban legends grew around this murders claiming that the victims were attacked by moonlight. The survivors of this attack described the killer as a tall man wearing a white sack over his head with holes cut out for his eyes and mouth. Even after numerous investigations none were ever convicted.(Read More)


5)Axeman of New Orleans

In the year 1919 a serial killer went on a spree to kill eight people by using their own Axe  in New Orleans. His victims includes women and young girls. He also sent a gruesome letter to the local newspaper which states

“I am not a human being, but a spirit and a demon from the hottest hell. I am what you Orleanians and your foolish police call the Axeman. When I see fit, I shall come and claim other victims. I alone know whom they shall be. I shall leave no clue except my bloody axe, besmeared with blood and brains of he whom I have sent below to keep me company.” 

Many suspects were questioned but none of them fits in. The murders stopped as they were stopped.(Read More)


4)Bible John:

Bible John is the nick name given to the serial killer who killed three female victims  after sexually assaulting them. The three victims seems to be strangled with their own stockings. In addition all the three victims were menstruating at the time of their death which was evidently known by the murderer as pads or tampons were placed near the bodies of all victims. Jean, sister of a victim Helen reveals the appearance of the killer during investigation after sharing a cab during the night of murder. She said that the killer introduced himself as John Templeton and also said that the killer used extensive quotes from the bible. He was too good to leave any evidence and disappeared without a trace.(Read More)


3)Cleveland Torso murder 

In 1930 people of Cleveland were shooked by the gruesome murders which gives raise to the term Mad butchery since the victims were beheaded and dismembered by the killer. Even Sometimes the male victims were castrated. The official victim count were 12 but experts believe that there will be more victims of this butchering act. Many of the victims were never recognized as their heads were found. This case still remains unsolved.(Read More)


2)Zodiac Killer: 

Zodiac was self appointed name of a notorious killer who was active from 1960’s to early 1970’s. There were 7 zodiac victims out of which two survived the assault. The killer used to sent several letters for publishing to the bay press out of which four were ciphers and only one were successfully decoded. The letter reads 


Almost 2000 suspects were questioned but the cops failed to nail the killer and so this case was still remain unsolved.(Read More)

1)Jack the ripper: 

Around 1888 strange murders begin to happen in the poor communities of London. The victims were mostly female prostitutes where there throats are slashed followed by vicious mutilation of other body parts. The precision in removing body parts of the victims led experts to believe that the killer might have medical expertise. Many hoax letters were publicized claiming to be from the Jack himself including the one which appointed the name “Jack the ripper”. But one letter which was known as “From the hell letter” considered to be authentic and it was delivered with the piece of human kidney. More than 100 suspects were questioned but none of them were convicted.(Read More)

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  • Further to the above i was thinking about how it would be pobsisle to show it with stats.The way it works with migration – the dynamics may play out differently with section 8 – is the bridegehead is almost all young men and they concentrate in one section of the neigborhood for a sense of security – so in that spot they’re the majority of young men – and if they’re from a violent population then there is a lot of violence particularly over access to females.As the violence, both male-male and male-female is concentrated among the young, say 13-24, what happens is parents of younger children i.e. those coming into the danger age, are the ones who start to move away. Over the course of ten years or so all the families that can move out do move out. The only families with young children who stay are those who can’t afford to move.So what happens is the age demographics become completely distorted. The white population at this point is still the overall majority in that neighborhood but they are a minority among the young.So based on anecdatal experience i would predict that the highest victim rates would occur where you have a population with a high rate of violence who are the minority in a neighborhood (and therefore have a feeling of threat from being a minority) but who at the same time are the majority of young males.(I don’t think this is just a black-white thing i think it’s the standard bluecollar immigration dynamic if the migrating population is at least as violent as the original population.)I don’t know if this is pobsisle but the target metrics for neighborhoods like that might be something like 2/3 white total population but only 1/3 below 30.My guess (based solely on anecdata so maybe wrong) is that most of the white victims contained within the FBI site’s stats over the last 50 years will have been in those kind of environments during the years when the remaining white 1/3 (under 30) disappeared with a peak somewhere between 1/3 and 1/6 maybe.By the time white people are down to say 1/3 overall they are mostly elderly and can hide indoors so the number of white victims goes down.

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