10 most intelligent heists ever pulled off by real life thieves

You may think Robbing millions of dollars ,Diamonds, jewelleries from bank vaults may happen only in movies. But what if i told you there are  some intelligent heists pulled off by criminal master minds around the world like the one we see in movies. I have managed to make of list of most intelligent heists ever pulled off in this world.

10 Antwerp Diamond Center (100 Million):

Antwerp is one of the most familiar places in the world where 80% of uncut diamonds go through it and this makes Antwerp a perfect target for the masters of heist. Leonardo Notarbartolo, 30 year old thief led a gang which emptied 123 of 189 boxes in the Vault. The vault is protected by 10 layers of security, including infra red heat detectors, Doppler radar, magnetic field, sesmic sensor and a lock with 100 million possible combinations. No doubt the police can’t explain how they pulled off this stunning robbery. The stolen goods was worth $100 million and Notarbartalo was caught after one of his accomplice failed to burn a garbage bag of evidence.

9) D.B Cooper Heist

This is one of the biggest unsolved air piracy in the history of America took place in 24th November 1971. An unidentified man popularly referred as D.B Cooper hijacked a Boeing aircraft extorted $200,000 and then jumped off the craft with a Parachute somewhere in between Portland and Seattle. Even after years of investigation the police cannot track him down nor retrieve the ransom money. Although it is believed he did not survive his risky jump and still this remains as one of  the important cases in the Bureau.

8) Banco Central Heist at Fortaleza

This robbery is surely beyond our imagination. In 2005 a gang of robbers rented a property near to Banco Central where they made a tunnel of over 250 feet to the bank vault. These burglars even used sign boards indicating that they belong to a landscaping company to remove large amount of earth without residents suspicion. The tunnel was well built with proper lighting and air conditioning and it took around 3 months to build the whole tunnel. After finishing building it up they entered the bank’s vault disabling the bank’s internal alarms, sensors and emptied 5 containers estimated value of about $70 million US dollar. Later police arrested 5 men for the heist  and retrieved $5.4 million while remaining $63 million remains at loss.

7) Great Train Heist

This genius heist took place way back in 8th August 1963 at Bridego Railway Bridge in Buckinghamshire, England. A 15 member gang led by a Bruce Reynolds robbed around 2.3 million pounds in a post office train. The robbers used a fake signal light to stop the train, knocked off the driver and then moved to half mile farther and stole 120 mail bags containing 2.3 million pounds. Later the criminals was tracked by the police using the finger prints they left in the hideout area.

6) The Knightsbridge Security Deposit Heist 

This heist took place on 12th July 1987 in Knightsbridge, England. Valerio Viccei a well renowned criminal from Italy entered the Knightsbridge Safe Deposit center and asked to rent a safe deposit box. After entering the vault they out their guns and subdued the manager and the guards. Cleverly he hung a sign board saying that the vault was temporarily closed and then let in more accomplices. They then plundered around 60 million pounds and flee away without being noticed. Valerio fled to Latin America while rest of his accomplices were arrested and later he get caught after he returned to England to retrieve his beloved Ferrari.

5) Theft of Maya with the Doll

Diana Widmaier Picasso the daughter of Picasso’s daughter Maya and also and Art historian. In her apartment at Paris she hung a potrait of her mother Maya with Doll painted by her grandfather Picasso himself. In February 2007 thieves broke into Diana’s house and stole the “Maya with the doll” along with the portrait of Picasso’s second wife Jacqueline without leaving a trace of evidence. Both the paintings are estimated to worth more than $66 million dollars at auction. Three men were later arrested and the paintings were later retrieved after a suspicious dealer called in a tip.

4)  Gardner Museum Art Heist

Two thieves disguised themselves as police officers entered the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston on 18th March 1990 after convincing the security guards. They tied up the security guards and locked them down in the basement. Then the thieves got enough time to steal around 12 Artworks along with few sculptures and artefacts of worth around 500$ million. Unfortunately neither the two thieves nor the stolen goods have been discovered and the case still remains mysterious and unsolved.

3) Harry Winston Heist 

A group of four men out of which three of them dressed as women broke into an Jewelry store and flew off with a diamonds worth 108$ million. They cleaned out the display cases and also loot the storage area without firing a single shot. No culprit was arrested in this case due to lack of evidence.

2) Theft by Hostage

In 2009, 50 year old veteran Bank of Queensland manager John Thomas Forrester robbed his own bank. According to Forrester  he was abducted by Irish anarchists and injected with poison while on his way to work. They ordered Forrester to rob the bank for him in order to provide the antidote to the poison and they also threatened him to cause a bomb explosion in the branch if he failed. So Forrester walk into the bank and left with AUD 40,000 and dropped the cash as instructed. Police later tested his blood to find traces of poison but it gave no definite answers however he have some injection marks in his neck. Forrester was found not guilty and then granted permission to continue his work while the money was never recovered.

1) Central Bank of Iraq 

Nearly one billion was robbed by none other than Saddam Hussein before the coalition forces began bombing in Iraq. He sent his son Qusay along with few men to withdraw 920$ million on his behalf with a handwritten note.  It was a five hours operation where Qusay $100 bills stuffed in boxes. He didn’t get too far as he was caught sometime later hiding while his son was killed by US forces. $650 million was later found by US troops while remaining $350 million has never been recovered and is considered lost.



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