Top 10 Countries with highest Rape rate

Women – God’s most beautiful and greatest creation in this universe. But if we asks ourselves does this great creation get the rights and place she deserves in the society? The answer is a big ‘No’, the society still tries to hold her in the iron clutches and more than that its ridiculously abusing women. Fueling this fire, crime against women keeps on increasing in a global level and no one seems to care about it much. Here is a list which provides country rape ranking based on the rate of women being assaulted and raped. 
Protest against Rape
Even  though Women is facing lots of problems in her daily life, there is one disgusting, immoral crime that she cannot live with. Yes the “Rape”, this happens where absurd and pathetic Men lurking like a wild animal to quench their lusty eyes and their filthy soul. Even though many steps were taken against these prowlers still the safety of women is still unsure. Here is a list of top ten countries with insane rape crime rates.

10) Belgium

Belgium have quite a reputation of peaceful country in the past but in recent times the Rape crime rate has been abruptly increasing in this city. Approximately 2240 rape incidents are reported in this county per year which is said to be over 30% as compared to the past years.

9) Sweden

In recent times Rape Crime have become a common issue for the Sweden Government and increasing at a certainly the rate of crime increases day by day. Over 5000 Rape cases are reported every year in Sweden and will jeopardize the peace of this country if it left unchecked.

8) Russia

Russia have a disgusting history in the past where the reports revealed that the Red Army conducted Gang rapes during the world war 2. Still this country fails to protect women from the hands of these lusty animals and over 6000 cases were reported per year in this country,

7) Germany 

Germany houses a big population and no wonder the crime rate of these country is also big. Rape crimes in this country are increasing day by day and it seems no methods by the government can stop this immoral against women. Over 8000 Rapes are reported per year in this country.

6) Canada 

This country seems peaceful with less robberies and murders in a calendar year but not for the women at all. The Rape rate at this country is increasing at an Alarming rate and unfortunately 7% of the incidents are reported here. It is estimated that one third of the women face rape incident in her life.

5) Mexico

Mexico a place where the street crime and mafias looks to gulp you in. Undoubtedly the Crime rates at this country are high and so does the Rape crime as well. More than 14,000 Rapes crimes were reported in Mexico and some of them involves in murdering the victim too.

4) Thailand 

A Country which possess explicit modern culture where Sex houses and Prostitution is considered a common thing. And undoubtedly this place is a perfect hunting ground for filthy prowlers who loves to get their hands on women. A statistics revealed that 87 sex abuse cases were reported daily in Thailand and majority of them left unchecked due to the political disputes within the country.

3) India

India can be a worse nightmare for women and can leave them in shatters. Many young girls and Women are abducted all around the country and are forced to indulge in prostitution and to act in sex films. Apart from that many Rapes are very common in India and certainly a bigger threat for the prosperity of the country. Over 12,000 cases were reported to the cops every year meanwhile other victims are held back from reporting by their cultural barriers.

2) USA 

Certainly a powerful nation in the world, yet they fail to protect the women from Rape crimes.  Even though law enforcers tries their best to avoid Rape , there are still 90,000 Rape crimes were reported every year and surprisingly men were also Rape victims here.

1) South Africa

I would probably say this is a god forsaken continent, this continent and its countries have seen some inhuman wars and crimes in the history. The rate of sexual violence in South Africa is very high and an estimation reveals that 500,000 rape cases take place in the country every year. Lack of proper government and their poor economy makes women more vulnerable to rapes in this country. Unfortunately this make South Africa to stand top in the countries rape ranking among the world.
This is not just a list to read but also to think about the roles women in our daily lives. Don’t just see women as a sexual thing which is ready to exploit instead treat her with respect and give the place she deserves in the community. 

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